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Z-Wave Smart Audio/Video Solution
Tired of using four different remotes and manually adjusting all the light, window shades, and thermostats? SmartTalk provides an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution for automating your home theater or your office meeting room. With one-touch you can turn on the TV or projector, DVD player, stereo system, then him the lights, lower the projector screen and shades, and set the most comfortable temperature to create the perfect ambience. All of these can be well achieved – and the setup is easier and more affordable than you can ever imagine.
Whether you are at home or in the office meeting room, smart audio/video solution always brings you comfort and convenience with the most appropriate scenario through a simple click.



SmartTalk Co., Ltd. Provides a variety of product lines which can work together effortlessly, elegantly, and cost-effectively. Designed with open and flexible architecture, our platform can also integrate seamlessly with many products from 3rd party vendors. Your home systems are smartly coordinated and you can get peace of mind with HomeScenario solutions:

  • Home Automation
  • Audio/Video Control
  • Smart Meeting Room
  • Green Home
  • IP Video Intercom (Home Automation integrated)
  • Building Automation
■ Home Automation DM下載簡報下載


  Home Automation
  • Automatically controls home systems such as lighting, thermostats, window shades, security & surveillance, audio/video, etc.
  • Fully customized scenarios and user interfaces
  • Viewed and controlled from anywhere via PC, remote, touch screen, or smart phone
  • Minimized wiring efforts, easy to deploy with affordable cost
  • Designed to best fit into interior design style
  Audio/Video Control
  • The Smart Audio/Video Start Kit include a portable AV scenario controller (HSK-100Z), and infrared control station (HSK-200Z), and two power detectors (HSD-400Z). In addition to support ting Universal IR remote, the start kit enables uou to automatically control your audio/video systems, turning them on/off according to scenario requirement, selecting the right input source and channel, al through a single remote button.
Supports universal IR code database and IR learning
  • RightON technology to ensure correct power on/off via IR control
  • Enables pre-configured scenario control, one click does it all
  • Also controls lighting, window shades, thermostat, etc.
  • Wireless control around the house with no need for line-of-sight
  • Easy to install, no need for extensive remodeling
  • Minimal investments for pure audio/video control, expandable when necessary
  Smart Meeting Room
  • Smooth integration with meeting room systems including lighting, thermostat, window shades, projector screen, audio/video, etc.
  • Provides easy-to-configure meeting scenarios, such as MEETING, DISCUSSION, PRESENTATION, MOVIE, AWAY
  • Controlled by PC, touch screen, wall panel, portable controller, and more
  • Affordable investments to greatly enhance meeting productivity and corporate image
  Enhanced Surveillance & Automation
  • Live video monitor and sensor status update
  • Green home/energy management
  • Automatic event trigger and notification via SMS, e-mail
  • Supports 2-way RF mesh networking, easy to install:
      * Control anywhere via the Internet by PC, touch screen, or smart phone
      * Automatically enables preset scenarios
  IP Video Intercom
  • TCP/IP infrastructure -- reliable and scalable
  • Smooth integration with alarm, access control, surveillance, and home automation systems
  • Secure firewall design to block attacks from the Internet
  • Event alert via SMS, e-mail, and siren alarm
  • Can be monitored and controlled anywhere
  • Modular design -- more services can be added for MDU/MTU
  Green Home/ Energy Management
  • Smart power meter to allow real-time monitor of energy consumption for whole-house or single appliance
  • Reports and analyzes long-term power usage pattern
  • Also integrated with a number of wireless sensors and appliance controllers
  • Smart scenarios to optimize power consumption, so as to minimize the electricity bill
■ Remote Control Center
  Appliance Control / Monitor
  • Supports multiple interface, such as IP, Seriel Port
  • Universal remote control with IR learning
  • Control via iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Pad, etc.
  • Support wireless (802.11b/802.11g)
  • Easy to associate with IR / Z-Wave devices
  • User interfaces can be easily customized by installer to fit users preference
  RF 2-Way Control / Monitor
  • Smartly control home systems, e.g. lighting, security monitoring, A/V equipment, etc.
  • Control via PC, touch screen, mobile phone, keypad, remote, etc.
  • Support viewing from the PC and mobile device remotely.
  • Support four channel H.264 recording.
  • From anywhere via Internet, user can receive event notifications, trigger scenarios, or control individual system
■ Smart Visual Housekeeper
  Intelligent Living Space Demonstration Center - Taiwan ( Visit )
  • 採用智慧語音管家整合研華數位生活服務UbiQ平台
  • 使用者可以與智慧語音管家對話並控制展示中心的各項設備
  • 歡迎各界先進 預約 親身體驗。
    Our wisdom steward, might let the age big elder and the motion not convenient person, talks the way then may with the machine communication and the interaction, but also has many all kinds of technologies to be possible the application to provide the humanity each kind of service.
  Intellgent Building Simulation Labortory (Chinese Culture University, Environmental Design College)
  • 採用智慧語音管家與實驗室原有之Lonwork控制平台整合。
  • 使用者可以與智慧語音管家對話並控制實驗室中的各項設備;歡迎各界先進來信預約親身體驗。
  • 採用智慧語音管家整合研華數位生活服務UbiQ平台。
  • 可以使用語音呼叫虛擬管家並控制家電或切換情境。
  • 用戶回家或外出時, 語音虛擬管家與用戶做基本互動與提醒。
■ Tecom e-Home System 簡報下載 設定專用Converter驅動程式下載
  • 結合東訊 e-Home 採用最先進的高階數位化整合技術 , 在兩芯線上同時傳送影像 、聲音及控制信號 ,而呈現出最完美的影像畫面 (D1等級) 及聲音 , 同時建立一套最完整的數位家庭e-Home 通訊系統 , 令人贊賞!



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